Together we pull on a rope!

What guides us.

Our guiding value is the equality of all people and is derived from the Latin word paritas, which means equality Our mission statement describes how we as a company understand work with the elderly, based on equality. It formulates values and visions according to the basic values of parity and provides our employees with fundamental orientation for their everyday actions.

Our parity values.

  • Diversity, openness & tolerance

    We need openness, tolerance and the basic attitude that all people are equally valuable. Regardless of their gender, origin, nationality, ideology, situation, sexual orientation, or lifestyle.

  • Feeling at home, with individuality

    People entrusted to our care should feel accepted and safe. Everyone should live as they wish and as their health permits, with as much self-determination as possible.

  • Respectful treatment

    In our daily work, we show appreciation to those in need, to their relatives and to our colleagues. Parity in care and support can only be achieved with good cooperation.

  • Professional work

    Good care requires professional framework conditions, which we supplement with individual competences and skills.

  • Economic action

    Parität is a non-profit organisation; economic action ensures our quality. A professional workforce benefits those in need of care just as much as beautiful buildings do.

  • Promoting health

    Paritätische Altenhilfe enables its personnel to cope with physical and mental stress and to stay healthy, by providing a good working atmosphere and support.


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